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Eliad Cohen and Pugs
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God I love Israel


    Eliad Cohen and Pugs

    premiumM.tumblr.com : tweet or like.

    God I love Israel

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  5. hey, fat chick!: Thin Privilege Checklist


    For those that didn’t know what I was talking in my last post, here is the thin privilege checklist in its entirety:


    • I can be sure that people aren’t embarrassed to be seen with me because of the size of my body.
    • If I pick up a magazine or watch T.V. I will see bodies…

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prepare your anus


    prepare your anus

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  9. "Why do I not get jobs?"
Amazing for pictures, but I hope it&#8217;s enough to live off&#8230;

    "Why do I not get jobs?"

    Amazing for pictures, but I hope it’s enough to live off…

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consent is sexy


    consent is sexy

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  15. Hitting a woman BACK

    Some say hitting back in retaliation rather than defence, is a no-no. I say it’s a lesson to teach that pile of shit who decided to aggress you.

    Retaliation serves the purpose of discouragement. It’s like bombing the initiator of 9/11 (except they didn’t bomb the right people). The reason I would hit back, is to show the person who hit me, that I cannot and will not have the irreplacable, invaluable vessel of my existence harmed without consequences. Walking away does not teach the aggressor that by initiating violence he has made himself a lesser being whose aggression was not okay. Walking away teaches the aggressor that while he may end up alone, he also doesn’t have anything to fear in return for his (or her) aggression. The fear of physical harm is one of the most deeply rooted ones and the best deterrent from further gratitous physical aggression. 

    Elderly, women, drunks - so? Who forced them to hit first? No one. As long as you’ve lived long enough to know better than to hit someone, initiating physical aggression is your own damn choice and your own damn problem. The victim didn’t tell you to be old and frail, and when you are old and frail, how dumb must you be to initiate physical aggression? Same goes for being female. If you know you’re weak(er), why throw punches unless you have to? Why start throwing punches AT ALL? And why should your age or gender be an accomplishment that exempts you from consequences for your actions? Oh so I have a vagina, I get away with more than those who have a penis! Yay! …wait, what? Why? My gender isn’t something I earned by saving a child from the jaws of a shark and losing a leg in the process, I’m born with it, it does not elevate me above anyone in any way, so why should I not be hit back if I choose to be a twat? By making a choice, you agree to face the consequences. Your choice is ALWAYS for the full package. Initiation, retaliation. Purchase, bill. Yell, echo. Stale ice cream, salmonella. Rape in alley, raped in prison. You hit, you bleed. 

    Intoxication or insanity is no excuse; who held a gun to your head and said “Get wasted or I shoot”? It’s certainly not the victim’s problem. Nothing should ever be the victim’s problem. If you don’t want your pet drunk or basement lunatic or attic imbecile or tether junkie to get hurt, prevent them from attacking their betters (=the sober, the sane, the harmless) if you care about them. If you don’t, don’t complain if they are presented with the beautiful concept of consequences. A German saying goes "How you yell into the forest, is how it echoes back".

    No consequences = no lesson. Don’t wanna get hit back? Don’t hit first. It’s that simple. Very, very simple.

    Scenerio 1: Would I hit back a woman that slaps me or threw her idiotic punch once? No, it’s not like I’m gonna die or faint.

    Scenerio 2: Would I hit back a woman who tries to mutilate or strangle me after trying to get away from her? Hell yeah, in that case she becomes an enemy. 

    But I’m surprised very few people see that difference.

    I do see the difference, however not hitting back in scenario 1 leaves her thinking she gets away with it and she’ll do it to you again, and to anyone else who gives her a “reason”. Nothing changes your mind about attacking people, like a taste of your own medicine. If you suddenly find yourself on the floor with the taste of iron on your tongue and your head droning the bass of your heartbeat, that’s when you realize that violence is a no-no. Not when the other person pours oil on the blaze by arrogantly walking away. That is insulting, which is good, always insult an aggressor to remind them of their inferiority, but it may not deter them from further aggression. Actually, acting that way may be more dignified than hitting back, but it also tends to infuriate the aggressor more.

    Personally, having been a horrible child, I remember I was likely to stop throwing punches when defeated in the discipline I offered by realizing I was inferior (after all, someone defeated me in the very way I brazenly challenged them), but punched even harder when scoffed at and walked away from. Depending on the pride of the aggressor, NOT stooping down to their level can be very dangerous. Dignity shouldn’t be your first concern when confronted with physical aggression. Discouring the aggressor from harassing you further, should be.

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  19. luna-gatuna:

Orli-Pompom, my fluffy girl by =AnnaGiladi

Hahaha my Orli-Pompom made it to Tumblr and I had no idea!


    Orli-Pompom, my fluffy girl by =AnnaGiladi

    Hahaha my Orli-Pompom made it to Tumblr and I had no idea!

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